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Get top placement and capture leads on demand from Google and Bing with our PPC advertising campaigns.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Search engines offer higher rankings and placement for those who are willing to pay for them. This service is commonly referred to as “paid search”. Paid search involves paying a set fee in order to have your web pages listed when a user searches for keywords that are associated with your business or marketing campaign.

How our paid search campaigns will grow your business:

  • Reach ideal customers: get leads on demand from prospects already searching for the services and products you offer. Target your users based on their demographics, interests, past online activity, and more.

  • Conversion focused: we take the time to understand your business and work with you to create high-converting ad copy, offers, and landing pages that will turn visitors into customers.

  • Top placement: studies show that 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search. That means you can’t afford to be ranking on the second, third, or fourth page. With paid search you’ll get top placement on page one for keywords and phrases that will drive qualified leads for your business.

  • Affordable: You only pay when someone clicks and have the ability set your maximum budget ahead of time. We’ll develop a budget and tailor your campaign so that it is aligned with your goals and spend level.

  • Transparent: with all of our paid search campaigns, you get free call tracking, form tracking, and reporting so you can track your ROI closely and know which ads work best!

PPC is a scalable, affordable, and effective way to grow. We work with companies of all size, so whether you plan on spending $1000, or $100,000 per month, we can build a campaign that builds business! Get started by requesting your free strategy session today!

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